Pet Wellness Plans

Have you wanted to do more for your pet, but found it difficult to budget for some of the routine care? We understand, and we have created Well Pet Plans to deliver monthly payment options for the quality care your pet deserves.

As a member of one of our Well Pet Plans, your pet has a package of services available for use throughout the year at discounts up to 71%. Enrolled pets qualify for Unlimited Office Visits at no charge. Services outside the plans are 10% off, every day.

From puppies and kittens to our longest-serving companions, there is a plan to make high-quality, comprehensive routine wellness are available to you at easy-to-chew prices. Well Pet Plans are an affordable way to provide the care your special pet needs. Plus, all of our plans have added perk of out-of-plan discounts!

Puppy and Kitten Plans

Puppy and Kitten Plans cover veterinary exams, parasite screening and routine, core vaccines. You can also choose a plan which includes spay or neuter, and add microchipping, if needed. For kittens, feline leukemia and FIV testing is included, as well. We help you provide optimal routine care for your new additions.
As your cat or dog grows, we have programs to suit everyone’s needs, as well.

Adult Silver Plans

Our Adult Silver plans include all the preventive care recommended, from parasite testing (heartworm screen for dogs, intestinal parasite check for dogs and cats) to vaccinations. Plus, Silver plans offer an internal organ function panel and complete blood cell count with differential exam, thyroid screen and urinalysis. This can help provide peace of mind for our adult pets, and allow for earlier detection of disease. Silver plans help each of those “seven dog or cat years” pass with our attention to the details.
Adult Pet Wellness Plans in Houston

Platinum Plans

Everything in the Silver plan is included, as well as Dental Prophylaxis and three radiographic views. A professional teeth cleaning and evaluation with treatment plan helps keep your adult cat or dog’s health in prime condition. We know periodontal disease is present in 85% of pets over 18 months of age, and we need to take action to prevent and manage this common disease. These plans helps make doing your part in prevention much easier.
By the way, there are no age restrictions for these plans. Whichever plan is a good fit for you and your pet, you can start. Please call or stop by for complete terms and conditions of membership. With a simple registration process, you can start your pets’ Well Pet Plans, at budget-friendly bite-size payments.

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