5 Tips to Keep Your Pet’s Eyes Healthy

Pet Owner Tips, Pet Wellness
May 11, 2022

Your pet’s eyes are essential organs that play an integral role in their ability to navigate their environments and interact with people and other pets in your household. So, it’s important to take steps to help ensure your pet’s eyes stay healthy, so that your pet can stay happy.

Is a Pet Wellness Plan the Right Choice for My Pet?

Pet Owner Tips, Pet Wellness
Apr 08, 2022

April is canine fitness month, and at TangleWilde Veterinary Clinic, we’re using the opportunity to talk about all pets’ fitness and their wellness, too! One approach to maintaining your pet’s health for life is to visit a veterinary clinic that offers wellness plans for pets.


How to Care for Your Pet at Home After Surgery

Pet Owner Tips, Pet Wellness
Mar 19, 2022

We typically only recommend surgery for pets when the benefits of the surgical procedure far outweigh any risks associated with operating or with the recovery process. To keep your pet comfortable and ensure they have a smooth, swift, and safe recovery, consider the following post-operative care instructions for pets.


5 Signs My Pet Needs Dental Care

Pet Wellness
Feb 11, 2022

Many dogs and cats go their whole lives without ever receiving any form of dental care. Unfortunately, this means many pets also suffer painful symptoms, systemic health problems, and even succumb to premature deaths as a result of developing serious dental diseases over the course of their lives.


How to Treat Breathing Difficulties in Cats

Pet Wellness
Dec 15, 2021

Although no one likes to think about the possibility of a pet getting sick, especially with a disease like cancer, detection, diagnosis, and treatments for pet cancer are getting better and better, improving patient outcomes.