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OncoK9® – Early Cancer Detection for Dogs

Screen Your Dog for Cancer With a Simple Blood Draw

People get mammograms, colonoscopies, and other cancer screening tests to help detect cancer early. Now, our dogs have OncoK9, a cancer screening test developed just for them, ushering in a new era of preventive care for pets.
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OncoK9 is Available Through Most Veterinarians in North America

If you do not find your veterinary clinic in our Locator tool, it is likely they still offer OncoK9 through one of our distribution partners.

Ask your veterinarian if they offer Antech or IDEXX tests, and give them the information below to look up OncoK9 in their system.

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  • usa flag iconUSA OncoK9 Test Code: S14493
  • canada flag iconCANADA OncoK9 Test Code: CS14493
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  • usa flag iconUSA OncoK9 Test Code: 8972
  • canada flag iconCANADA OncoK9 Test Code: ONCOK9

What is Cancer Screening?

During wellness visits, your veterinarian may look for early signs of cancer in your dog by performing a thorough physical exam and asking you about any concerning observations. Your veterinarian may also perform routine blood and imaging tests and may recommend OncoK9 – a new blood test that could detect cancer before your dog shows any clinical signs.

Why is Early Cancer Detection Important?

Early detection and treatment are the best ways to manage cancer in pets… cancer is frequently treatable, and early diagnosis will aid your veterinarian in delivering the best care possible.

-American Veterinary Medical Association : Ask the Expert – Canine Cancer

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Dr. Andi Flory
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of PetDx

What is OncoK9?

The OncoK9 liquid biopsy test uses a simple blood draw to detect abnormal DNA released into circulation by cancer cells.

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Simple Blood Draw

OncoK9 requires only a simple blood draw. The sample collection can take place during the same visit when the veterinarian prescribes the test.

multi cancer

Multi-Cancer Coverage

OncoK9 requires only a simple blood draw. The sample collection can take place during the same visit when the veterinarian prescribes the test.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

OncoK9 uses state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to detect changes in DNA that are indicative of cancer.

early detection

Early Detection

OncoK9 may help detect cancer early when your dog still looks healthy and has the best chance of defeating the disease.

Common Signs of Cancer in Dogs

If you observe any of the following signs in your dog, schedule an exam with a veterinarian.

Decreased or absent appetite

Nausea and/or vomiting

Unexplained weight loss

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Bloating or abdominal swelling

Unusual odors (malodorous discharge and/or bad breath)

Lethargy or exercise intolerance

Difficulty chewing or swallowing

Weakness and/or collapse

Pale gums or tongue

Limping or lameness

Sores that do not heal

Bruising and/or bleeding and/or petechiation

Increased frequency and/or volume of urination

Painful and/or bloody urination

Changes in stool

Increased thirst

Mass(es) and/or lump(s)

Enlarged lymph node(s)

Difficulty urinating or defecating