Annual Wellness Exams for Your Pets

Why It's Important to Schedule Annual Wellness Exams for Your Pets

Although it might seem odd to visit the veterinarian when your pet’s feeling well and acting normal, wellness exams are just as important (if not more important) than sick exams. Just like people have regular checkups with their primary care physicians, cats and dogs should also see a veterinarian once per year for an annual appointment. During your pet’s wellness exam, our veterinarian will perform a physical examination, record your pet’s vital signs and weight, and provide you with an opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have about your pet’s wellness, behavior, or daily care.

The Importance of Annual Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are essential to your pet’s good health because they ensure your pet receives quality preventative care and also ensure the early detection and more effective treatment of a range of diseases and conditions.
Preventative care includes treatments like vaccinations that prevent pets from contracting highly contagious and dangerous diseases, in addition to parasite preventatives designed to protect your pets from ticks, fleas, and heartworm. Preventative care might also include nutritional counseling to ensure your pet eats a diet that will support their level of activity and specific nutritional needs.
Wellness exams also provide veterinarians the opportunity to examine your pet and screen them for the early signs of illness or chronic medical conditions. These types of diseases are often difficult for pet owners to detect early on, as they don’t tend to present many obvious symptoms. Early detection of chronic disease, however, is essential to slowing its progression and preventing your pet from suffering.
Annual Wellness Exams for Your Dog

Why You Should Keep Your Pets with the Same Veterinary Care Provider

A major reason for scheduling wellness exams is creating the opportunity for a veterinarian to diagnose health problems in pets before they become serious health issues. In order to detect the subtle changes that occur in the early stages of a disease or chronic medical condition, it’s essential that your veterinarian be familiar with your pet. During a wellness exam for a healthy pet, our veterinarians examine your pet, take their vital signs, and record their weight in order to establish a health baseline. Any unexpected or sudden changes in a pet’s baseline numbers could indicate a problem and further diagnostic testing would be recommended.
If your pet always sees a different veterinarian or changes veterinary hospitals frequently, they won’t have the opportunity to become familiar with a single care provider and changes in weight, behavior, or appearance will likely go unnoticed. When pets visit “shot clinics” or offices where there is little interface with a curious and inquisitive veterinarian, a pet misses out on the most important aspects of the veterinary visit.

Wellness Exams and Preventative Services for Houston Pets

We recommend scheduling a wellness exam at least once a year for most normal, healthy cats and dogs. For puppies, kittens, senior pets, and pets with chronic health conditions, we might recommend more frequent exams. For more information about wellness exams for pets or to schedule your pet’s next checkup, we welcome you to contact Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic.
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