Why You Should Adopt-Not Shop

To celebrate Adopt a Shelter Animal Month during October, TangleWilde Veterinary Clinic is spreading the word about adopting pets and encouraging everyone to adopt – not shop!

5 Reasons Why Adopting Beats Shopping

The reasons why adopting is better than shopping are endless. These are some of the most convincing:
1. Rescue Pets Are the Best
Okay, all pets are awesome, but rescue pets truly appreciate their new homes! Potential pet owners often have certain breeds, sizes, ages, and personalities in mind when looking for pets. Shelters, however, operate at (or near) maximum capacity, so there are many different pets to choose from. The chances of not finding one to fall in love with are pretty slim.
2. You’ll Be a Hero
When you adopt, you actually get to rescue a pet from a sad situation. While animal shelters do their best to re-home every animal that gets turned in, it’s not always possible. Every pet that finds a loving home equals a furry life saved.

5 Reasons Adopting Beats Shopping

3. Save Money

Designer and pure-bred dogs and cats come with high price tags. Shelter animals come with a small adoption fee, which is usually only enough to cover part of the cost of your new pet’s vaccinations and spay or neuter procedure.

4. Support the Community

There are more cats and dogs living in the world than there are families willing to open up their homes. Adopting a pet from a shelter, however, will help break this ongoing cycle of overpopulation, reducing the number of stray animals and ensuring that every pet receives love and care.

5. Take a Stand

While responsible, compassionate breeders do exist, many are not so respectable. They treat animals as commodities and force them to live in unpleasant, unsafe conditions. When you adopt, you take a stand against this type of animal cruelty.

What to Expect When You Rescue a Pet

The process of adopting a pet from a Houston animal shelter differs from purchasing a pet from a breeder. You’ll spend time at the animal shelter getting to know your potential pet. Plus, you’ll need to fill out an adoption application and pay adoption fees.
In addition to general information about you, your children, other pets, and your experience with animals, adoption applications usually include references, pet licensing, and proof that you’re allowed to have a pet at your home (if you rent or are part of a homeowner’s association). A home visit might also be required. You’ll also need to establish veterinary care for your new pet right away. To learn more about pet adoption or to schedule a new pet appointment at TangleWilde Veterinary Clinic, we welcome you to contact us today.