What to Do at the First Sign of an Ear Infection

Ear infections are a common ailment that cats and dogs face. Just like an ear infection is troublesome for a person, ear infections also cause pain and discomfort for our pets. So, if you see signs of an ear infection in your pet, it’s important to schedule a sick pet appointment for your dog or cat as soon as possible.

Can I Treat My Pet's Ear Infection At Home?

There are many over-the-counter, products to clean ears and treat for ear mites, but we still recommend scheduling an appointment. Ear mites are not so common in our neighborhood’s dogs, and messy ears usually indicate a medical problem that needs veterinary attention.
A veterinary exam is important because there are many things that cause ear infections including:
Plus, there are other ailments that can cause symptoms similar to ear infections. Without a proper diagnosis, it’s impossible to know how to treat your pet’s condition. With a veterinarian examination and diagnosis, you can get your pet safe and effective treatment and relief right away.

Signs and Symptoms of Ear Infection in Dogs and Cats

Ear infections present themselves in similar ways in both our favorite species of pets. If you notice any of the following behaviors, signs, or symptoms in your pet, we recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible:
Ear infections and their symptoms often come on very quickly. Your pet might be fine one moment and then suddenly displaying symptoms or odd behaviors the next. It’s best not to wait around to see if your pet’s condition will resolve on its own. Depending on the cause, ear infections can worsen and lead to permanent hearing loss or damage.

Sick Pet Appointment and Emergency Veterinary Care in Houston

Whether your pet has developed signs of an ear infection or is suffering from another ailment, we encourage you to contact Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic. Our Houston veterinarians have sick pet appointments and emergency veterinary care available to treat pets who are injured or fall ill unexpectedly.
We’ll perform a complete physical examination of your dog or cat and its ears. To reach a definitive diagnosis, we might also recommend additional diagnostic testing, such as a blood test or a test of your pet’s ear discharge to determine the underlying cause of infection and recommend a safe and effective course of treatment.
To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.