As summer winds down and we move into autumn, outdoor events in and around the Houston area begin to ramp up as the heat of summer begins to subside. This means lots of outdoor events and festivals that often welcome pets to attend too. If you plan to attend a public event with your dog, consider the following tips before leaving home.

6 Tips for Attending Pet-Friendly Events This Summer

1. Leash-Train and Socialize Your Pet
Dogs need to be properly socialized and trained to be on a leash before they can safely attend outdoor events with lots of new people, crowds, unfamiliar dogs, and unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. Jumping into an event like this can be overwhelming for a dog that has not been adequately socialized or trained to walk on a leash and obey your commands.
2. Core and Non-Core Vaccinations
Events that welcome pets mean that lots of animals will be in attendance, and you’ll want to make sure your dog is protected from contagious diseases. This means staying current with core vaccinations in addition to asking our veterinarian about non-core vaccines to protect your pet when exposed to lots of other animals.
3. Bring Your Own Water and Bowl
Don’t rely on public water bowls and fountains. Public bowls expose your dog to diseases, and water isn’t always available. Always pack your own.
4. Make Sure Pets Are Welcome Before You Go
Remember not all outdoor events welcome pets. Check the rules and regulations before you go.
5. Check the Weather
You should also check the weather, remembering that humidity worsens the heat factor and that pavement and sidewalks can scorch your pet’s paws.
6. Microchip Your Pet
Microchips are permanent identification for your pets, and we strongly recommend them for all pets. They’re essential if you plan to take your pet to an event where your dog could get loose and become lost.

Schedule a Summer or Fall Checkup for Your Pet

Before heading to an event to celebrate the end of summer or bringing your pet out to public happenings as the weather starts to cool into autumn, be sure your dog has a clean bill of health in addition to current vaccinations and up-to-date parasite preventatives. Our veterinarians at TangleWilde Veterinary Clinic in Houston can help ensure your pet is well protected, healthy, and all set to head with you for some fun in the sun and time spent with friends or making new ones!