Pet Wellness & Preventive Care

Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic is committed to proactively protecting your pet’s well-being through comprehensive pet wellness & preventive care in Houston, TX.

Pet Wellness & Preventive Care in Houston, TX

The veterinary team at Tanglewilde Veterinary Clinic provides a range of services to keep your pet healthy and ward off illness. All pets should receive annual wellness checkups, which enable us to identify issues early and administer the finest therapy.

Wellness & Preventive Care

Help give your pets long, healthy, and happy lives by providing them with comprehensive wellness and preventive veterinary care. With complete wellness exams and proactive preventive care, you can give your cat or dog their best chance at staying healthy and by your side for many years.

Why Do Pets Need Regular Check-Ups?

Wellness and preventive care aim to prevent pets from developing or contracting avoidable illnesses, medical conditions, and diseases. Just like people benefit from an annual visit to the veterinarian, pets should have regular check-ups, too.

During a wellness appointment, our veterinarian establishes a baseline for your pet’s normal health, which makes it easier for us to spot early signs of developing diseases in the future. Early detection and diagnosis are extremely important, as early treatment is often key to preventing your pet from suffering while being able to cure or effectively manage health problems.

A wellness exam includes a whiskers-to-tail physical examination, with which our veterinarian will look for any abnormalities. We might also recommend a blood test or urinalysis for pets exhibiting any symptoms or simply to screen elderly pets for early signs of age-related diseases. During your pet’s yearly appointment, we’ll also make sure all vaccinations and parasite preventives are current.

Comprehensive Wellness and Preventive Care Services

  • Health screening
  • Breed-specific care
  • Parasite prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling
  • Medications and supplements
  • Dental care
  • Puppy, kitten, and geriatric pet care
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Personalized Wellness Care for Every Pet

Wellness and preventive care aim to prevent pets from developing or contracting avoidable illnesses and medical conditions. By proactively evaluating your pet’s health, we stand a better chance of catching potential health issues while they’re most easily treatable.

Young puppies and kittens require more frequent appointments to ensure proper development and growth, and senior pets have their own set of special medical needs, as well. As your pet matures, our veterinary team will help you adjust their lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness plans to meet their current needs.